Time Together

– Every hour counts, every skill matters

  • Do you live in Worsborough, Stairfoot, Kingstone, Dodworth or Barnsley Town Centre? 

  • Do you have any skills that you could exchange or any that you would like to learn?

  • Would you like to meet new people from your local area? 


Time Together is our new Timebanking project, where you can meet new people and help each other by swapping skills. A Timebank is a community tool which brings people together to help both others and themselves. Members of Time Together can exchange and trade their skills and time – one hour at a time. So for every hour you spend helping someone else, you can get an hour in return for someone to help you! For example, Bob paints Rachel’s fence, Rachel attends a GP Appointment with Tom, and then Tom cuts Bob’s grass. 

Led by local people, Time Together will hold weekly Coffee Mornings across the Central Area to plan activities and events to connect members. Join us to swap and share your skills as part of a wonderful group of people. See our events calendar for more information on upcoming dates, including our exciting launch on Monday 3rd June! To get more information and to join, please contact Jo by phone on 07843 594308 or by email at jo.stanley-cook@dialbarnsley.org.uk

“I’ve really enjoyed becoming part of the community, meeting people and making friends!

A white man with stubble mowing a lawn. He is wearing a khaki hat, beige t shirt, black trousers, yellow gardening gloves and brown boots. The lawn has luscious green grass, and behind him are bushes and trees.