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Join Us for Our New Stronger Together Online Group

We are excited to share that the Online group for our Stronger Together project is launching on Wednesday 6th December at 11am! Join us from the comfort of your own home via Google Meet for our fortnightly sessions to connect with people in the borough and discuss a varying range of topics. We hope to see you there!

A white background and using DIAL colours of teal, grey and green. The poster includes the DIAL logo, each letter of DIAL being a different DIAL colour, and the tagline of ‘Passionate About Possibilities’. A digital image of a computer on a table, with a mouse, mug and pen holder also on the table. A small green banner hangs off of the corner of the computer, with the text ‘New’, and a mouse click is seen on the computer screen. The text on the computer screen reads: Join Us for Stronger Together Online! Come along to our first session on Wednesday 6th December at 11am. Video call via Google Meet. Underneath, the additional text reads: Meet new folks, share stories and make lasting connections. Join us fortnightly from the comfort of your home. Each session will be different, from well-being and smart living tips to exciting bingo games and good old-fashioned chit-chat. For more information, contact Hannah by phone on 07526 766953 or by email at hannah.marsh@dialbarnsley.org.uk.
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