Men Utd

– an online safe place to meet for a while
  • Are you male, aged 35 to 55 and live in Barnsley?
  • Are you feeling anxious or low?
Then it’s time to blow the whistle and give these feelings the boot!
Our online men’s mental health group, Men Utd, can help you to stop feeling like you’re off side and get your head back in the game.
At Men Utd you can;
  • be part of a safe, confidential and down to earth group
  • feel comfortable to get stuff that matters to you off your chest
  • support each other to be a better dad, partner and friend
  • swap ideas and experiences to make handling situations better
  • know you have a safety net to turn to when things get tough
Interested in joining our men’s group?
Text or call Jeff on 07934 453151 or send an email to
“It’s a great idea to have a group where men can share similar problems and issues. We can all support each other because we’ve been there too”
“It feels like when we meet on a Friday for Men Utd, the sun has come out for a bit”
Men Utd - Right alligned for D Shape