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Stronger Together Online – Photography

A white background and using DIAL colours of teal, grey and red. The poster includes the DIAL logo, each letter of DIAL being a different DIAL colour, and the tagline of ‘Passionate About Possibilities’. A digital image of a computer on a table, with a mouse, mug, and a framed photo.The text on the computer screen reads: Join Us for Stronger Together Online! Wednesday 14th May at 11am for a special Photography session. Video call via Google Meet.Underneath, the additional text reads: Join our Stronger Together Online group for a virtual coffee morning and to showcase your photography skills in our online competition! Grab your favourite brew, snap some stunning shots, and stand a chance to win a voucher. Please submit your entry to Hannah by email before the session and attend on the day to claim the voucher.For more information, contact Hannah by phone on 07526 766953 or by email at hannah.marsh@dialbarnsley.org.uk.

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11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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DIAL Barnsley
07526 766953
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